Nutritious, whole food recipes developed by
nutrition experts you can trust.


How it works…

It is our goal at Karuna to help each client learn the best way to eat that fits their individual body needs and lifestyle. However, when it comes to planning meals, we know that finding new recipes and menu ideas can be time consuming, confusing, and just a bit overwhelming.

Our meal plans simplify the planning process, providing you with easy, balanced meals for the week

Each week, you'll receive a meal plan in your email inbox, including meals and snacks for each day and an automated grocery list for the week. You can use the meal plan sent to you or customize it based on your preferences.

Our meal plans are created by a team of registered dietitians and focus on balanced meals that emphasize real, whole foods with easy to follow recipes.

In addition, we’ll be adding all of the recipes used in our cooking classes to the database, along with some fan favorites that we often recommend to clients, so you can easily incorporate them into your meal planning.

The link below will give you the option for a 3 Day Free Trial, with no commitment needed. Plans start at just $9/month for a static plan and $19/month for a customizable plan (ability to drag and drop recipes).

These meal plans are meant to inspire your meal choices, and you can choose to follow or stray from the plan. Our hope is that these plans will encourage you to get creative in the kitchen! Enjoy!