Billing Coordinator

Courtney Long is the billing and insurance coordinator for Karuna: Nutrition + Movement.  Courtney is currently completing her Didactic Program in Dietetics and Master’s Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics at Boston University (BU).  Her goal is to become a Registered Dietitian and work in the Greater Boston area. Her passions include helping those with chronic diseases with nutritional planning as well as helping those who are underserved in the community.  

In addition to her schooling, Courtney holds an insurance and billing position at Sargent Choice Nutrition Center at Boston University, as well as being a TA for two courses at Sargent College. She also has experience doing field research on perceptions of nutrition and health in Cape Town, South Africa, and is eager to learn more about health care disparities to be able to close the gap in the future.

Before pursuing a career in nutrition, Courtney graduated from Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania with a BA in Health Science. At Gettysburg, she played varsity soccer, studied abroad, and worked as a manager of the student run college information desk. Courtney now lives on the North Shore and commutes into Boston for school. She enjoys hiking, skiing, and anything to do with being outside!