Classes for Kids, Teens + Families

Family Zumba

Zumba Kids

A class for the whole family! Zumba is a fun-packed and high energy dance party class combining movement, music and community. This class is designed to get families moving, create a bonding experience and develop healthy habits while having FUN!

Coming this Fall!

Zumba Kids is a fun-packed and high energy dance party class where children will learn original Zumba choreography exclusively for kids to combine movement, music and community. Learning special choreography to all the music kids love, like hip-hop, reggaetón, cumbia and more! Kids will learn to express themselves through movement and play along with interactive games, activities and cultural exploration while effectively improving their overall health and well-being! Ages 5-11 years.

Coming this Fall!

Functionally Fit Teens

An interval training class including strength training, stability training, and bodyweight exercises designed to increase muscle tone and improve cardiorespiratory fitness. Special emphasis will be placed on functional training, allowing participants to become stronger and more stable in a safe and controlled environment.

Body Positive Yoga

This hour long class will focus on gentle movement and is suitable for all ages all experience levels and body types., The class will follow a meditative flow that allows for students to slow down and connect to their breath and their emotions. Led by a mental health counselor, this class may also benefit anyone who is currently experiencing depression, anxiety, trauma symptoms, disordered eating, or anyone who is simply looking for relief from the chronic stress of daily life. Think of this class as a gentle brain massage, where students will develop self-compassion and make peace with their bodies., This will be a safe space to learn about your own power through breath, strength, and balance. Ages 16 through adult.

Tween + Teen Yoga

This is a yoga-based class designed for tweens all genders to learn how to move their bodies in a fun and uplifting way, develop more positive self-talk, and create a safe, enjoyable community. Each class will start with a self-esteem building activity, followed by body movement and end with a short meditation to practice breathing. This class is designed to support adolescents in developing inner and outer strength and finding the necessary tools to understand and manage their emotions, friendships, self-talk, body image, and identities in this world.

Last Summer Class on 8/14, new schedule coming this Fall!

Family Yoga

Family Yoga workshops will be held monthly starting in September. Schedule coming soon!

Coming this Fall!