About Our Cooking Classes

Our lessons aim to teach all our clients how to prepare delicious, nutrient dense foods in a way that’s convenient and enjoyable. We want both kids and adults to be able to take the skills they’ve learned in our kitchen and replicate them at home. Kids will learn about taste, texture and nutrition, while developing skills in kitchen safety, math and science. Teens and adults will find classes ranging from Knife Skills 101 to cooking international cuisine. Overall, we want our clients to learn to love food as much as we do, and feel confident in their ability to cook healthy, tasty meals.

Our classes our mostly plant-based (because we know that you know how to cook chicken) and peanut-free*. With each class, we will provide copies of the recipes prepared + nutrition tidbits about the foods used - all chosen and developed by our licensed Registered Dietitians and nutrition experts.

*All classes can be made nut-free or may be adjusted for other allergens as needed.